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We of MEKKIS-Audiotours produce and sale 2in1-audioguides for towns and museums in Germany and other countries.

2in1-audioguides means you can choose between 2 kinds of sightseeing.

  • Possibility 1:
  • using the list of tracks contained you can explore the city or museum in your individual order.

  • Possibility 2:
  • using the guided version, you have your own guide who leads you form point of interest to point of interest like a real human guide. The advantage is you are independent of tour start, speed of the group and so on. 

Our aim is to offer you informative and interesting audioguides in high quality for a favorable price. 

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On top in the menu strip you find the countries, where we already offer our audioguides and which tours are already in planning.

Because our online shop is still under construction, we want to offer you the possibility to order our audioguides. 

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With e-mail order you pay by bill (Pdf), which will be send to your email address together with the links for downloading the ordered tours.

If you want to get the tours downloaded, please download via guidemate.com.

Example mail:

Max Miller
Musterstr. x
54321 pattern towns


Old Town Munich


Old Town Munich + German museum - overview